Different Types of Face Masks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that we are facing today, we are urged and mandated to wear face masks all the time. If you are not familiar with the different types of face masks you can use, check out below for more details about them. Here is the mostly used type of face mask: 


The respirator masks that are seal-tested include FFP2/3 forms and N95 masks. Such masks contain tangled fibers that aid in filtering pathogens in the air. Moreover, they are usually closely fit the face. Its edges create a seal around the nose and mouth. The general public must never utilize such masks since their supply is only very limited. Meaning, the healthcare workers must be prioritized to utilize them.  

Surgical Mask 

A surgical mask is a type of PPE or personal protective equipment that usually fits loosely on the mouth and over the nose. This type of mask protects against sneeze sprays, splashes, or droplets. However, they can’t shield against tinier droplets.  

People need to prevent sharing such masks that either come with/without a face shield. Researchers recognize that a single-use of medical masks won’t always be possible, however, remember that it’s more recommended since reuse and long-term use can possibly result in being self-contaminated.  

Cloth face covering 

Nowadays, people can manufacture and recreate mask using different types of clothing and fabrics, such as pillowcases, t-shirts, bandanas, and scarves. The most suitable for this type of mask would be a tightly woven cotton fabric. Studies about different types of fibers such as flannel, chiffon, silk, cotton, and other synthetics found out that the most effective would be a mixture of various fabrics. If you are interested to purchase wholesale cloth face masks, then let us know.  

DIY Face Mask at Home 

There are already a lot of videos and guides online that give instruction to people who want to make a DIY face cover for them to use. Other techniques may need sewing skills while some do not. Most techniques would only need the same materials like cloth, measuring tape, and scissors.  

How to safely wear a facemask? 

While it may seem simple to put on a face mask, there are still some usual mistakes that we tend to do as we wear one. When it comes to putting on face coverings and masks, here are the things you need to consider: 

  • For cloth masks, make sure to wash it after every use. 
  • Make sure that you fit the mask snugly to your face so that there won’t be any gaps. 
  • Guarantee that you secure or tighten the covering or mask to keep it from slipping. 
  • Inspect and ensure that the face mask is covering both your mouth and the nose. 
  • Make sure that the face cover won’t cause you difficulty breathing.   
  • Refrain from touching the mask as you use it.  
  • While removing it, make sure to ask for another person’s help and remove it from behind so that they can’t touch the front of the mask.  

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